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We can Save Fuel Costs & Extend Tire Mileage with proper alignment

Freightliner Work Trucks and Sprinter Vans $99.00

Dual Axle Box Trucks, RV's and Mini Busses from $129.00

Three (3) Axle Commercial Trucks $185.00

The Experts in Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

***Maximum Wheelbase We Can Handle 230 Inches***

Orlando Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment is a Bee Line certified company who can handle any light to medium sized truck aligment and wheel balancing. When we check your alignment, we look for situations which will progress into larger, more costly repair bills. Many variables cause alignment problems. Most don’t happen all at once so drivers may not notice problems as they develop. Call or visit us soon for an evaluation and get “Peace of Mind”.

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  • Truck alignment in Orlando

    Align to specification better than the vehicles OEM

    Orlando Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment has the latest laser alignment technology in order to achieve the most accurate wheel alignment measurements possible. With laser measurement to 1/1000th of on inch, our systems will produce the results you demand. Contact us soon and learn what computer alignment products best suit your light duty to heavy duty trucks.

  • Truck wheel balancing in Orlando

    Wheel Balancing

    Orlando Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment has the lastest Smart Balancer System which is the latest advancement in on-the-wheel balancing systems from light duty through heavy trucks. The combination of the Smart Balancer and the Spinner Model gives us the ultimate wheel balancing system to provice our customers.

  • wheel alignment in Orlando

    Laser Alignment

    Orlando Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment uses a Bee Line LC7080 Laser computer wheel alignment system which revolutionizes four wheel alignment and allows us to align the smallest passenger vehicle, the largest commercial tractor and everything in between. The LC7080 is the ultimate Alignment machine for saving you money down the road.

Orlando Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment