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Why Choose Us?

Orlando Commercial Truck Wheel Alignment is the leading light, medium to heavy truck wheel alignment center in Central Orlando Florida and neighboring areas. No matter what kind of truck you have, you expect the optimum tire life out of your vehicle's front and rear tires. Our mechanics focus on checking the alignment, balance, toe and camber on your truck to give you the maximum tire mileage and significantly lower your vehicles operating cost. A total wheel alignment will save you money in the short-term and the long-term tread life on your wheels and tires are our number one goal.

5 Good Reasons to have us check your alignment

Wheel Alignment is a valuable service. We pride ourselves on our qualified technicians and our Bee Line Laser Computerized Alignment Equipment which allows us to keep your vehicle(s) operating safely and efficiently.

Our reputation speaks for itself!

1. We can help extend your tire mileage

Tests have shown 70% of the vehicles on the road today would benefit tremendously from being properly aligned. How much are your tires on your misaligned vehicle(s) costing you? Properly aligned vehicles can reduce tire wear up to 30%! That's 30% to your bottom line.

2. We can help extend your fuel mileage

Proper alignment can save an average of 2% on your fuel cost. By having us align your vehicle(s), we can reduce your vehicle(s) rolling resistance (tire friction and drag). When all wheels are traveling in the same direction perfectly, it takes less energy.

3. Diagnose problems before they get out of hand and cost you more money.

When we check your alignment we look for situations which will progress into larger, more costly repair bills. Many variables cause alignment problems. Most don't happen all at once so drivers may not notice problems as they develop.

4. Proper alignment requires trained technicians and accurate equipment.

As professionals we know that in order for a vehicle to operate safely and most efficiently, all axles must be perpendicular to the chassis centerline. We use only the most advanced equipment and highly trained specialists in our shop.

5. "Piece of Mind" is an added bonus you get by having us check the alignment of your vehicle(s).

Whether you drive your own rig or you are responsible for a fleet with numerous drivers depending on your decisions, you can feel good knowing that you have taken the right steps to maximize the safety, comfort and handling of the vehicle(s) you command.

About US
Percent of tire
life saved
Number of Trucks in your fleet
25 50 75 100
10% $6,000 $12,000 $18,000 $24,000
15% $9,000 $18,000 $27,000 $36,000
20% $12,000 $24,000 $36,000 $48,000
25% $15,000 $30,000 $45,000 $60,000
30% $18,000 $36,000 $54,000 $72,000

A proven way to improve your bottom line... by a lot!

This chart is based on fleets that have tractors with ten tires at the cost of $200.00 per drive tire and $400.00 per steer tire. It also includes the price of mounting and balancing the tires. When we we align your wheels, we save you thousands of dollars by extending the tires life. These numbers reflect the savings over the life of the tires. You can also expect a 2% savings on your fuel costs as well! Ask us how we can start saving you money today. We look forward to doing business with you.